【Continue to LOVE】Lez’s Meeting 17th Anniversary: Pride Parade Warm-up Virtual Party


Virtual Music Party Promo Video (Trailer) 

Hello, LEZS family. How have you been? 
There were times we only had unpalatable frozen pasta from convenient stores; half of the meeting time we only saw our own faces. I’d stare blankly after I’m off screen and I’d start to regret not going to the beach one more time before summer ended. 

Another typhoon is hitting Taiwan yet I’m not allowed to have any typhoon leave because I’m already working remotely.
“Do we really need to have three meals a day?” I wonder.

We created “Continue to Love”, a Virtual Music Party before this summer ends. We miss dancing and singing with the crowd; even though it’s for your own sake it still sucks that you can only join us online. 

Don’t worry, we’ll see each other very soon.
Before that happens, let’s meet online first, on October 29?

We not only invited several artists and celebrities but also all Lez’s Meeting’s crew and the people you see on our party visuals; who worked the events and witnessed how it all happened! Party with us online, we’re bringing you party Djs and FUN!

On October 29th, get your groove on no matter where you are. 

Have all your party gadgets ready.

Experience this astonishing party from 21:00 to 23:00

Lez’s Meeting is bringing you the most exciting and heartfelt Asia LGBTQAI+ virtual Party! 
(Sync with us for this 2-hour experience)




DJ Mila

盧栗莉 Lily

阿路八 路嘉欣X趙逸嵐

舞者 Cindy


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Lez’s Meeting 17th Anniversary: “Continue to LOVE” virtual music party
|Date ➭ 2021/10/29  21:00-23:00
|Location ➭ Where you feel comfy at home. 
|Dress Code ➭ Sheer & Transparent 
|How to Join ➭ Search for “LEZS TV” on YouTube or “LEZS女人國” on Facebook

Organizer: LEZS女人國、頤創藝
Event Information: https://fb.me/e/1u8WmSIDB
LEZS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lezsyou
LEZS Instagram:www.instagram.com/lezsmee