2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】 Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth

2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth
2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth
2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth
2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth
2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth
2020 Gay Pride After Party 【Pheromone】  Lez's Meeting女人國 Sisteenth


2020 Gay Pride After Party Lez's Meeting女人國xSisteenth Pheromone

Through the fascination of the nature,
It awakened our sixth sense.
The attractions between human beings, 
Colorless, tasteless, and indiscernible. 
Infiltrates the pheromone in us,
It's a signal transmitting through our pores. 
have found each other.

Location:8F., No. 116, Hanzhong St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

【DJ HER】 22:00-23:30
【DJ ROZ】 23:30-02:00
【DJ MILA】 02:00-04:00

Ticket Info
Early Birds:NTD$1100(Including 2 Drink Tickets)
Door Ticket:NTD$1500(Including 2 Drink Tickets )

Get tickets from our PR team: 10 Tickets Get 1 Free (Limited Offer, Selling Fast!)

PR Team
Line ID : estherchen Phone:0917882890

Line ID : soya1219 Phone:0928326052

Line ID:kjashantine  Phone:0970153137

Line ID:jl0819 Phone:0965662190


Get It Online
Queer guide酷蓋售票:https://reurl.cc/R1ez1z


Lez's Meeting's 16th anniversary, recreates and stimulates her and her pheromone.

Various music genre inside one sacred dance floor, our selective female Djs will light the whole party up to the climax with you all.

★The hottest party singer on earth!
Super special performers Indoor Survivor dancer babes are invited to our party, the hottest and brand new choreography will take us to another level. Let them stimulate your pheromone to the sky. 

To celebrate Lez's Meeting's 16th anniversary, we're going to provide unprecedented value set and VIP tables in the fragrance theme.

Our venue this year, WESTAR,  is a gem in the heart of the city. With spacious area to dance and romantic set up for your skin, we will liberate you.
Lez's Meeting is creating a sacred dance floor for the LGBTQ+ community!

Contact Us
LEZS FB: www.facebook.com/lezsyou/
LEZS IG:www.instagram.com/lezsmeeting/ 

Event restrictions and regulations
- One person per ticket, tickets are treated as securities, and will not be reissued if lost.
- Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 
- Every ticket includes 2 drink tickets (restrictions may apply), can only be used on the day of the event. 
- Please bring government issued photo ID, anyone who’s under the age of 18 will not be allowed at the event. 
- In the event venue, if the guest has serious damage to the venue, vomiting, damage to public property and other matters that do not comply with environmental cleaning regulations, a cleaning fee of NT$1,000 will be charged.
- The organizer reserves the right to ask those who are unconscious or those who are harassing others to leave the venue, and may not request a refund. 
- If you have any questions about the event or ticket sales, please go to LEZS Facebook fan page, or contact our ticketing coordinator Xiaofei 0938-807-885.   
- This event will have a photographer with a work permit to record the event site, the organizer has the right to use the live site photos on LEZS's official website,    LEZS magazine, and related promotional media. 
- If you have concerns, please inform the photographer in advance.
- It is strictly forbidden to use contraband items in this activity. If the staff finds them, they have the right to ask the person to leave immediately.